Vibration-X Dyna (Rattle In) (SP-C)
Vibration-X Dyna (Rattle In) (SP-C)


Vibration-X Dyna (Rattle In) (SP-C)

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Vibration-X Dyna (Rattle In) (SP-C)

Blue Back Chart. Candy (SP-C)

3279 State Route 31

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3279 State Route 31
Canastota NY 13032
United States


The concept of the Vibration-X Dyna is a "compact body" × a "high-power vibration". In a sense, this is the return of the original Vibration-X made by Megabus, which debuted in the early 1990s.

It embodies bite-sized realistic silhouettes, ultra-high-pitch vibrators with intense rolls, overwhelming distances that fly into the distance, outstanding structure avoidance performance, and instant swimming. The internal weight has been lowered to the lowest possible to thoroughly improve stability, and the digge cup on the nose reliably collects and captures water, maximizing the responsibility of the action. The overwhelming swim start, which chases the bass as soon as the retrieve starts, instantly generates strong waves and ultra-fast blinking that surpasses conventional small vibrators.

Dinah, a little giant, awakens the Neutral Fish's feeding and brings out a new dimension of reaction bites.