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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

U40 Cork Sealant

by U-40
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The Tackle Trap is happy to announce that we are now offering U40 cork sealant to our customers. This product will greatly extend the life and aesthetic beauty of your favorite cork handled rod. We've been using this product for years with very impressive results. One thin coat to your new, or freshly cleaned used cork handles will provide a protective barrier that helps keep your cork looking clean. U40 cork sealant has been used by professional rod builders who know the value of keeping their product looking and performing at its peak. U40 has a watery consistency and is VERY easy to use. We bought a few small craft brushes and selected a flat, approximately 1/4" wide brush for application. One bottle of U40 will treat well over 50 rods from our experience! DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Apply to entire cork surface with bristle brush. Brush out excess that will not soak in. Do not allow to sag, streak, or run. 2. Apply ONE coat only. Second coat will not penetrate. 3. Clean brush immediately in running tap water.