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Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!

Sunline Flipping FC

by Sunline
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Original price
$28.99 - $28.99
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Designed specifically for flipping and pitching applications, Sunline Flippin FC Fluorocarbon Line delivers all the features you need for fishing short lines. Offering smooth handling with very low stretch, it has the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity, as well as, extremely high abrasion resistance. Sunline's Flippin FC also features an exclusive color marking pattern (12-inches of yellow line for every 30-inches of clear line) for higher visibility above the water to better detect line movement. And since it is 100% fluorocarbon, it still remains invisible below the water’s surface for the most realistic presentations possible. Take your close quarter fishing to the next level with Sunline Flippin FC Fluorocarbon Line - the first fluorocarbon made specifically for flipping and pitching. Line Diameter 16lb 18lb 20lb 22lb 25lb Inches .0134 .0142 .0150 .0158 .0163 Millimeters .340 .360 .380 .400 .415

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