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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Queen Tungsten Swinghead

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$3.99 - $5.29
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Action-enhancing tools for presenting your favorite soft plastic trailers, the Queen Tackle Tungsten Swingheads employ smart components for more efficient performance on tournament day. The unbeatably sharp Mustad hook is anchored to a carefully crafted jig head that relies on tungsten’s ultra-dense composition to provide anglers with increased sensitivity and a compact profile. Additionally, the head’s football shape helps prevent hangups while deflecting erratically with bottom structure to instigate the predatory response of any bass in the area.

The Queen Tackle Tungsten Swingheads also utilizes a free-swinging hook design that not only maximizes the action of your bait but also helps to keep that action more natural for a wildly convincing presentation. As an added bonus, this swinging design also maximizes the angler’s ability to land a fish by removing the leverage a bass may use to throw the bait during an acrobatic fight. Outfitted with unbelievably sharp and powerfully strong Mustad hooks, the Queen Tackle Tungsten Swingheads are designed to take your favorite soft baits to the next level.