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Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!

Megabass X-Plose

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This mysterious lunker-hunting swish bait, hand made for Yuki Ito's private use, is finally available as an injection plug. Its uniquely formed propeller incorporates a specialized gear hole which produces a sound that keeps it in tune with schooling bait. The flat balancer mounted on the super low center of gravity creates solid stability, preventing the body from rolling, even in rough conditions. During straight retrieves, it swims with a gentle wobble. If you use the X-PLOSE in the field, you will see that it is clearly different from other swishers, and you will understand why it was kept for personal use for so long!

X-Plose (SS) 5/8oz. Slow sinking model, with twin gear-hole props and larger rear prop. Meant for light line, slow retrieve targeting suspended fish. Works well with spy bait technique presentations.

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