Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods
Megabass Triza Casting Rods


Megabass Triza Casting Rods

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Megabass Triza Casting Rods

Triza F0-63xtz AELLO

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Utilizing concepts developed by Yuki Ito and ITO engineering, the Megabass Triza Travel Casting Rods deliver performance that leaves conventional multi-piece rods in the past. Featuring a totally new “Triangle” concept of three-piece rod design and construction, the Megabass Triza Travel Casting Rods leverage the ability to build each blank section specifically to its purpose, blending unique functions into each section of the black to deliver performance that would be impossible with traditional one-piece construction. The tip section maximizes tension, the belly section maximizes torque, and the butt section maximizes torsional rigidity. The “Triangle” Concept also results in a reduction of overlapping duplicate layers to improve the total weight and balance, creating an astonishing lightweight feel.

Painstakingly built one at a time, the Megabass Triza Travel Casting Rods feature beautiful natural bird’s eye peacock wood reel seats, ergonomic short triggers carved out of pure aluminum, silky hand-threading performed by a skilled craftsman, polished guides, and hand-drawn graphics. If you’re looking for an uncompromising bass fishing experience when traveling, the Megabass Triza Travel Casting Rods will not disappoint. 



The F0-63XTZ AELLO has been designed with a well-tensioned, natural bending taper that allows for intuitive, direct control of poppers and pencil baits for a new type of finesse bass fishing. It effortlessly performs rhythmic dog walk action, and delicate, pinpoint topwater actions. The three-piece Triangle design suited for technical rod work generates sharp tension and plentiful torque from the belly through to the butt section. This keeps the rod stable, true, and eliminates the dull feeling of past slow taper rods. The AELLO can also act as a super lightweight bait finesse rod used to attacking around cover-areas. This ultra-fine spec rod is designed to precisely control lures according to the angler’s intention, with the blank bending to the limit to land target fish. 


The F2-66XTZ SPARNA is a versatile, light model that excels at the long-distance casting and control of shads, mini cranks, middleweight top-water baits, and long-distance finesse presentations. The sharp, super lightweight, high elasticity shaft gives a great casting feel with lightweight lures and has extreme accuracy for pinpoint attacks thank to the stable Triangle construction. The overwhelmingly high sensitivity blows past multi-joint rods out of water and transmits information about the position of the lure and the surrounding environment clearly back to the hands of the angler through the natural wood reel seat. This new light action special rod features superbly accurate control and sensitivity.


The F3-68XTZ GRILS breaks through the limitations of past multipiece rods, featuring shaft performance equal to that of one-piece rods. TRIZA’s Triangle design allows for agile control with middleweight fast moving games using crank baits, vibration baits, minnows, spinner baits and more. The 6’8” high tension shaft has excellent casting performance and is extremely effective at efficient wide area search approaches. The agile control of the TRIZA makes for responsive minnow twitches and lift and falls with vibration bait. The GRILS combines flexible elasticity with high sensitivity. It exhibits excellent structure evasion when cranking or spinner baiting. This model realizes delicate yet bold, fast-moving games. 


The F4-69XTZ THUNDERBIRD is a versatile model suited for a wide variety of uses from fast moving lures to topwater plugs to worming. The full parabolic bend features a well-tensioned intuitive blank curve that blows away past multi-piece rods. It effectively converts the lure’s weight into inertia during casting for smooth long-distance casting performance. The taper has excellent tracking properties and will automatically hook up short bites during high-speed retrieves with crank baits and spinner baits. The THUNDERBIRD is highly adaptable to many types of fishing including no-sinker rigs with heavy worms and chatter bait in weed bottom areas and around cover. This versatile model serves as the core of the TRIZA series.


The F5-70XTZ STYM PALIDES is a heavy action multi-piece rod designed to comfortably handle heavy cover games that challenged past multi-piece rods. It’s well suited for a wide variety of approaches including 3/8oz jigs, Texas rigs, and fast-moving games in wide open fields. The special layered construction of the STYM PALIDES creates a crisp, well-balanced blank that generates overwhelming torque. The STYM PALIDES has achieved shaft performance on par with one-piece rods. It has the power needed to pierce the jaws of monster fish with the thick hooks of Texas rigs and rubber jigs and to forcefully pull them out of cover. It can handle deep cranks and large spinner baits which have a lot of pulling resistance with ease. This special heavy versatile rod is the culmination of extreme bass fishing technology.


The TRIZA DRAGOON is equipped with the “Exclusive Tip.” The customization patterns include the ① “Regular Taper” tip and the ② “Fast Taper” tip which allow for a wide array of fishing methods. The ① “Regular Taper” tip is perfect for powerful fishing using big baits and swim baits. It realizes high torque games that far surpass what past multipiece rods were capable of. The ② “Fast Taper” tip turns the DRAGOON into a jig and Texas rod that’s expertly suited for striking at heavy cover. The unique design of the tip effectively transmits power to the second belly section, generating the tension needed for jig and worm fishing, as well as achieving excellent sensitivity and vibration transmission characteristics. With one base rod, the DRAGOON transforms to excel at many different applications.

●Exclusive Tip System The TRIZA “Exclusive Tip” system offers two tips with different tapers to enable users to transform their rod for the adventure at hand. By exchanging the “Exclusive Tip,” one rod model can support wide-ranging applications for a truly unique travel experience. Please enjoy the customization potential unique to the TRIZA’s triangle performance!


Item Sub name Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight Succession Carbon content Other.1 Other.2
F0-63XTZ Aello 6'3" SLOW 1/32 - 3/16oz. 2 - 7lb. 86g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 66.5cm
F2-66XTZ Sparna 6'6" MEDIUM FAST 1/8 - 1/2oz. 6 -12lb. 99g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 69cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F3-68XTZ Grils 6'8" MEDIUM FAST 1/4 - 5/8oz. 6 -14lb. 104g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 70.5cm
F4-69XTZ Thunderbird 6'9" REGULAR 1/4 - 3/4oz. 8 - 20lb. 107g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 71.5cm
F5-70XTZ StymPalides 7'0" MEDIUM FAST 3/8 - 1oz. 10 - 25lb. 123g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 74cm
F7-72XTZ Dragoon 7'2" ①REGULAR / ②FAST 1/2 - 3oz. 12 - 30lb. - 3 bottles - Closed Length : 76cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F0-68XSTZ Hibali 6'8" FAST 1/32 - 3/16oz. 2 - 7lb. 88g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 70.5cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F1-66XSTZ Yamasemi 6'6" ①FAST / ②EX FAST(Solid Tip) 1/32 - 3/16oz. 3 - 8lb. - 3 bottles - Closed Length : 69cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F2-70XSTZ Lopros 7'0" MEDIUM FAST 1/32 - 1/4oz. 3 - 10lb. 101g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 74cm
F3-72XSTZ Ageha 7'2" MEDIUM FAST 1/16 - 1/2oz. 4 - 12lb. - 3 bottles - Closed Length : 76cm
Exclusive Tip F0-68XSTZ #1   EX-FAST(Solid Tip) -
Exclusive Tip F2-66XTZ #1   EX-FAST(Solid Tip) -