Megabass Triza Spinning Rods
Megabass Triza Spinning Rods
Megabass Triza Spinning Rods
Megabass Triza Spinning Rods
Megabass Triza Spinning Rods


Megabass Triza Spinning Rods

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Megabass Triza Spinning Rods


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Using cutting edge processes, Megabass finesse rod technology has been incorporated into a multi-piece rod. The TRIZA’s unique Triangle construction has created yet another masterpiece rod. That rod is the F0-68XSTZ HIBALI. This extra fine spinning rod is designed for delicate, thrilling approaches with super lightweight finesse rigs. The HIBALI’s unique fine tip makes extreme delicate shaking possible, and the precision tip section has been designed to reliably hook even the gentlest of short bites. Despite being a delicate shaft, the three-piece Triangle construction exhibits astonishing torque and rigidity from the belly section through the butt section, allowing you to comfortably handle surprise attacks from big fish. This completely new finesse shaft not only surpasses the performance of past three-piece shafts but exceeds the performance of previous one piece ultralight rods. The HIBALI has arrived. Exclusive Tip F0-68XSTZ #1 Equipping the “Extra Fast” tip instantly transforms the HIBARI into a professional finesse rod. From insect pattern games utilizing minute vibrations deep under overhangs to deep fishing with small rubber jigs and no sinker worms, it lands targets with certainty. ※The Exclusive Tip F0-68XSTZ #1 is a customization part for the F0-68XSTZ. The rod is sold separately.

F1-66XSTZ  YAMASEMI (2 piece set/2 tips)

The Megabass - Triza F1-66XSTZ YAMASEMI - Travel Bait Casting Rod is a light action game rod.

The rod comes with 2 tip sections.

The (1) “Fast” tip customization using tubular carbon exhibits delicate, high sensitivity, for use with performance finesse bass fishing using small rubber jigs. It's well suited for not only bass fishing, but also expands the stage to saltwater mebaru games.

The (2)  “Solid” tip customization allows for high performance down shot bass fishing. It's well suited for insect pattern fishing and professional competitive finesse games comparable to that achieved with tournament rods.

The Yamasemi in short with its 2 tips, is a versatile rod that can be used for both bass fishing as well as saltwater aji game.


The LOPROS is a versatile spinning rod that can handle anything from fishing with lightweight hard plugs to all types of finesse rigs. The extreme long-distance approach made possible by the 7’ shaft dramatically increases the productive zones of lures such as shads and small minnows, driving up bite chances. The LOPROS is highly suited for many methods, from boat-based dragging to lift-and-fall with mini vibration bait from shore. Developed to be a long-distance rod with excellent controllability, its unique high elasticity high tension construction exhibits sensitivity that far surpasses that of other multi piece rods. It delicately controls finesse rigs such as neko rigs and down shots, accurately senses terrain changes and instantly transmits shorts bites back to the angler. The high-tension blank makes solid hook setting possible even over long distances. The LOPROS creates opportunity under tough conditions. It can be stowed away compactly and is very convenient to have on hand. This long approach spinning rod is perfect for the angler searching for a convenient multipurpose model.


The high-tension spinning model AGEHA is the embodiment of global angling brought on by mobile rods. The high tension “Medium Fast” taper has left past multi-piece rods in the dust and achieves a smooth bending taper like that of a one-piece shaft. There are over 600 hours of engineering effort poured into the AGEHA. This next-generation power spinning model’s performance covers everything from light rigs and small vibes to small minnow plugs. The robust belly tension and powerful butt section unseen in past multi-piece rods have greatly widened its range of abilities. This multi-piece high power concept is unique to the AGEHA, allowing for versatile performance against a broad range of targets in many scenarios from big trout games to seabass games. This masterpiece rod can handle fishing against all targets at a high level.


Item Sub name Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight Succession Carbon content Other.1 Other.2
F0-63XTZ Aello 6'3" SLOW 1/32 - 3/16oz. 2 - 7lb. 86g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 66.5cm
F2-66XTZ Sparna 6'6" MEDIUM FAST 1/8 - 1/2oz. 6 -12lb. 99g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 69cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F3-68XTZ Grils 6'8" MEDIUM FAST 1/4 - 5/8oz. 6 -14lb. 104g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 70.5cm
F4-69XTZ Thunderbird 6'9" REGULAR 1/4 - 3/4oz. 8 - 20lb. 107g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 71.5cm
F5-70XTZ StymPalides 7'0" MEDIUM FAST 3/8 - 1oz. 10 - 25lb. 123g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 74cm
F7-72XTZ Dragoon 7'2" ①REGULAR / ②FAST 1/2 - 3oz. 12 - 30lb. - 3 bottles - Closed Length : 76cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F0-68XSTZ Hibali 6'8" FAST 1/32 - 3/16oz. 2 - 7lb. 88g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 70.5cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F1-66XSTZ Yamasemi 6'6" ①FAST / ②EX FAST(Solid Tip) 1/32 - 3/16oz. 3 - 8lb. - 3 bottles - Closed Length : 69cm Exclusive-tip-capable models
F2-70XSTZ Lopros 7'0" MEDIUM FAST 1/32 - 1/4oz. 3 - 10lb. 101g 3 bottles 90% Closed Length : 74cm
F3-72XSTZ Ageha 7'2" MEDIUM FAST 1/16 - 1/2oz. 4 - 12lb. - 3 bottles - Closed Length : 76cm
Exclusive Tip F0-68XSTZ #1   EX-FAST(Solid Tip) -
Exclusive Tip F2-66XTZ #1   EX-FAST(Solid Tip) -