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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Megabass S-Crank

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Honed to a razor’s edge over two years, the S-CRANK square bill concept features a patented design that generates an erratic hunting, wandering retrieve and hard-hitting wobble action. S-CRANK’s unique escape action works even at high-speeds, wandering laterally off-course but always hunting back to center. Not only does this allow more effective searching, but the erratic wandering action triggers reaction bites much like deflections, increasing productivity even in open water. • Hard, enticing wobble draws inactive predators • Sudden escape action triggers decisive reaction bites • Square bill design and high buoyancy allow precise targeting of structure Slightly shorter, and slightly shallower running, the S-Crank 1.2 is a 1/2 oz bait just like the 1.5. Length: 2.3622" Weight: 3/8 oz. Type: Floating Depth: 3-4ft. Type: Silent STW Project: Support To Win (STW) is a bespoke development program designed to craft custom tournament equipment for the specific needs of the US National Pro Team. Placing Megabass’ top designers at the disposal of Aaron Martens, Luke Clausen, Edwin Evers, Chris Zaldain, and Randy Blaukat, STW’s sole purpose is to help our anglers get closer to their goal at every tournament: Win. The game will never be the same.

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