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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Megabass IXI Shad TX

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Length: 2-1/4in
Weight: 1/4oz
Type: Suspend
Depth: 13ft
Hooks: #8

The IxI SHAD TX takes the collaboration between Megabass founder Yuki Ito and Imakatsu founder Katsutaka Imae to new depth ranges of 4m (13ft). The patented moving balancer system Micro LBO (PAT.) is impossibly smooth and incredibly compact, allowing for the weight to glide to the intersection of lip and body for an extreme forward-leaning posture and steep dive angle. With field tests using 6lb fluorocarbon line this big-lipped small shad demonstrated extremely long flight distances and succeeded in generating an astonishing diving vector. The outstanding fusion of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics have given the IxI SHAD the extreme performance needed to strike at deep targets. It is the ultimate solution for bite-sized realism and outsized performance.