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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Megabass Ito Shiner

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The high performance ITO-SHINER was developed for top anglers like Aaron Martens and Edwin Evers for top-level US tournaments. To commemorate the ITO-SHINER’s release in America, it will also undergo a limited release in Japan. The ultimate life-like movements and unprecedented stimulating waves generated by this highly appealing jerk bait have the overwhelming power to round up bass scattered across a wide area. Using its robust body height compared to that of a slim minnow, it shows dramatically increased flashing performance, in addition to a fluttering tail-motion that is an extremely alluring target. The settings of the ITO-SHINER help to realize high-speed fishing, and will excel as a search bait in high-pressure tournament situations. The swimming depth is set to 1.8~2.0 meters (~6ft.), perfectly targeting the sweet spot for bass. With its wide, side to side darting it triggers reaction bites with amazing consistency. Length 115.0mm Weight 1/2oz. Type Suspending