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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Megabass I-Slide 187 R (Intermediate Model)

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R is for Revolution.

The i-SLIDE has evolved, bringing its confidence-inspiring glide to fresh heights.

The i-SLIDE 187 R’s refined design puts the power of sharp S-motion action in the hands of all anglers, regardless of big bait experience. With a redesigned tail and retuned internal weighting, the new R delivers with greater consistence. With a straight retrieve, ¾ turns of the handle, or twitching rod work, the i-SLIDE performs with confident ease, delivering a sinuous “S” swimming action or a wide left/right glide.

The 187 R offers a direct feel that allows the angler to clearly perceive the glide’s action even when out of sight, increasing the odds of continued success. The i-SLIDE 187 R delivers a confident glide, bringing the power of big baits to anglers in search of the next trophy catch.


 【Intermediate Model】

The suspend setting makes it appealing to dormant monsters that typically remain undiscovered. This model can be used for dead-sticking to imitate baits drifting unprotected with no action, sliding slalom action in the mid-range, and other technical presentations depending on the situation, and target’s reaction.

Length: 7.4 inches

Weight: 2-1/4 oz

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