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Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!

Megabass Griffon Bait Finesse SR-X (SP-C)

Original price $15.99 - Original price $15.99
Original price
$15.99 - $15.99
Current price $15.99

A downsized model of the second-generation Griffon with upgraded specifications of the first-generation Griffon.

Based on the "functional and comfortable shape" created by Yuki Ito's experience and sensibility, the "pinball action" of the original Griffon that occurs when it comes into contact with obstacles and bottoms, and the quick recovery power from deactivation and escape actions are reproduced with power-up. The feeling of use with the Bait Fine Tackle is also outstanding.

It is a finesse power crank that allows you to enjoy the series concept of "compact size" + "super impact" more intuitively.

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