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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Megabass Gorham 147F

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GORHAM is a jointed waking and subsurface bait with a mysterious presence that awakens distant neutral targets.

GORHAM's articulated body is equipped with two synchronized LBO II(PAT.) systems in each section. significantly increased, bringing far-off targets within easy reach.

A dynamic, ultra-wide rolling wake action calls targets to GORHAM from greater distances, inspiring frenzied surface attacks.

GORHAM opens the door to new topwater potential, triggering bites from otherwise dormant targets.


With a slow retrieve, GORHAM's natural tail swing paired with the movement of its jointed body create an ultra-realistic, sinuous flashing wake action on the surface.


With a fast retrieve, GORHAM dives into the shallow subsurface range, moving with a large flashing and rolling action that generates bulging water displacement, triggering the active feeding instincts of targets who lurk in search of a fleeing meal. Work in a twitch to incite bites from targets hot on the trail.

Length: 5.8 inch

Weight:1-1/8 oz