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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Hedgehog Studio Type B Size M Plate-Screw

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$11.49 - $11.49
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This is a set item to fix a handle of DAIWA. The screw of this version "B-type" is a little bigger than previous version. And the hexagon socket of the screw head is 2.0mm wide. (The previous version is 1.5mm.) * Occasionally the design happens to be slightly changed depending on the production lot. This set item is for STEEZ and Megabass ZONDA/IS etc., which does NOT include a NUT. This item can be used for both Left and Right handles because there is no nut. STEEZ and Megabass ZONDA/IS have a special handle nut which is built-in with a screw. Please use the genuine brand nut because a common nut cannot be used on those reels.  Compatibility ・DAIWA STEEZ Series ・Megabass IS Series ・Megabass ZONDA Series These plates also fit a very wide range of Daiwa handles including Zillion, PXR, and many of the swept Daiwa handles we stock.

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