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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Digital Squad Jazzy 44

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Digital Squad Fishing presents its latest little gem: the Jazzy 44! Producing a high-pitched, piercing sound, it is akin to the rattle of the dreaded rattlesnake. This first Jazzy 44 line offers a range of colors perfect for 95% of the situations encountered. We have dissected every detail that is important to the realization of this marvel starting with the presence of a refined and visible eye signal. The Jazzy has a very realistic appearance of a small fish, with a trapezoidal shaped lip that gives it a smooth and very pleasant swimming action. This model is very versatile, interesting black bass, perch but also pike in the heart of the hottest summer temperatures. In this last case, choose a fine titanium tip to avoid breaking its racy and provocative swimming action. After many tests the DSF pro staff invites you to choose a regular/fast spinning rod preferably with a power of 0 / 10 gr. This way, with a fine braid and a fluoro tip, the Jazzy goes far and straight into the air before entering the scene. What is fabulous about this mini crank is its ability to handle absolutely all retrieve speeds from ultra slow to fast sometimes necessary to decide on following fish.