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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Core Tackle TUSH

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TUSH (The Ultimate Swimbait Hook) was created to revolutionize swimbait fishing.  Unlike traditional swimbait jig heads, TUSH has the weight centered within the swimbait which enhances the swimbait performance in all of the following ways:

- Provides more side to side belly roll during the retrieve

- Allows swimbait to be skipped easily into tight cover

- Provides a more compact design versus traditional swimbait jig heads

- Provides a more natural appearance

- Casts further due to more compact design

- More natural glide on the pause

- More snag resistance than traditional swimbait jig heads

- Internal weight system locks swimbait in place

- Prolongs life of each swimbait saving the angler money 

- Decreases the amount of lost fish when compared to traditional jig heads, which provide increased leverage for the fish to shake the hook with weight at the front of the jig head

- Increased Hookup percentage over traditional swimbait jig head designs

2/0 Hook (3/16 oz) - 3 Hooks per pack

4/0 Hook (3/8 oz) - 3 Hooks per pack

7/0 Hook (3/4) oz) - 2 Hooks per pack

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