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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Cast Fishing Co. The "Down Under"

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Once again blurring the lines between fresh and saltwater, the CAST Downunder is a diving style popper that leaves a massive size bubble trail in its wake. "When developing the Downunder we were able to call up some big fish offshore over brush but what we quickly learned was how versatile it was when fishing shallow cover." Imagine the combination of a topwater popper and a glide bait where you are actually able to pull the lure down and show it to fish that are suspending under docks and cover such as blowdowns and grass-lines etc. The versatility of the Downunder allows you to fish it in all scenarios wether you are targeting spotted bass over Brush or Largemouth in 3ft of water.

Action: Diving popper with massive bubble trail.

  • 4 inches & 20g (comes pre-rigged)
  • Handmade Timber Construction
  • 2.0 mm Through Wire (1.5mm on 60g and under)
  • NT POWER Belly Swivel
  • Outstanding Finish

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