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Free shipping on orders over $75 some exclusions apply

Sebile Vibrato

by Berkley
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The Berkley Vibrato Jigging Lure sends constant vibration underwater regardless of how it is fished. The Vibrato's natural vibrating action starts on the fall and continues when jigged, twitched, retrieved steadily, or trolled any way you try and at any speed! This Berkley jigging lure features a unique body that is deeply compressed with a wider belly and thinner back to create the vibrating action. A full-wire design throughout the length of the body (and connecting both hooks on either side) leads to more successful hookups with light-biting fish. To create the flash and disturbance needed to catch pressured and suspended fish, you have plenty of variety and sizes to choose from with a Berkley Vibrato Jigging Lure.

  • Designed with a perfect center of gravity allowing for ideal control even in the lightest models
  • A slow flutter rate on the fall creates flash, which allows the angler to target suspended predators by allowing the lure to drop while popping intermittently
  • Power jigging is effortless thanks to action that flutters on the fall and vibrates on the pull to mimic wounded prey
  • Back wire extends from the front hook to the rear hook allowing for a strong tie point.
  • Comes with enhanced cosmetics, durable hardware, and a reinforced body for higher pull strength
  • Qty. per Pack: 1