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Occasionally, there comes a style of fishing that turns the industry on edge. Bait Finess (BF) while not new in the Japan market US anglers are eating up the fun and excitement on this style of angling. Daiwa added two unique rods to match up properly to this technique and the PX reel. Long casting and light weight make up this technique and the rods need to perform especially while most of the baits are low in aerodynamics light in physical weight and small thin gap hooks. These two rods are made much different with the Vertical Master overly sensitive with Daiwa SVF graphite and the Moving Bait a bit softer utilizing both graphite and fiberglass blends delivering the perfect parabolic actions with the appropriate hook setting power. Both rods feature Daiwa Air-Sensor reel seat Fuji guide and JDM design.



Searching for a bit larger profile for better comfort as well a better larger heavier bait casting reel This feature provides the angler a benefit of added distance as well as spool control and backlash reduction.SV pairs up with the T-Wing level-wind system, and the result is maximum casting distance with near-zero backlashes, even when casting into the wind with non aerodynamic baits. The precision aluminum frame is tough and keeps the weight to an absolute minimum. With Daiwa's Hyperdrive system, which offers smooth, effortless cranking always. Equipped with Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag (UTD) and a large 100mm Swept Handle.

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