Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods
Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods
Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods
Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods
Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods
Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods


Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods

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Megabass Great Hunting Huntsman Casting Rods


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Item Sub name Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight Number of joints Carbon content Other.1 Other.2
GHBF48-3UL   4'8" Regular 1 - 6g 1 - 4lb. 100g 3 99% Handle Type : SHORT Closed Length : 50cm
GHBF53-3UL   5'3" Regular 1 - 6g 1 - 4lb. 105g 3 99% Handle Type : SHORT Closed Length : 56cm
GHBF60-4L   6'0" MediumFast 2 - 10g 2 - 8lb. 153g 4 pcs 99% Handle Type : MIDDLE Closed Length : 49cm
GHBF511-4L TANABIRA SPECIAL 5'11" Ex.Fast→MediumFast 2 - 10g 2 - 8lb. 115g 4 pcs 99% Handle Type : SHORT Closed Length : 49cm

The rod-building philosophy of Yuki Ito, the founder of Megabus Factory and the creator of the first ARMS, was awakened to the world of native trout by Megabass Factory's Handmade Meister and the modern technology of ITO Engineering.
The "HUNTING-ANGLE HANDLE", which fits perfectly for pinpoint shooting from all angles, is carefully carved from solid natural wood one by one according to the foam gauge derived from the ergonomic data of Megabass Factory by the craftsman's handmade process.
The incredible high torque produced by the slender blanks is due to the rod technology of ITO Engineering, which has created the rare masterpieces of Drizzle and Elise, as well as the fine blanks that bring many miracle catches. The NEW guide system, which pursues a lightweight array, achieves a low-trajectory cast that extends one step with ultra-low resistance and seamless retrieval with increased resolution by thoroughly reducing line stress. The guide material is the latest ultra-lightweight titanium frame SiC guide.
The seat parts are painstakingly machine-cut from solid high-strength aluminum blocks, and the specially designed ultra-thin, high-strength trigger is combined with a solid natural wood handle that has been molded from the pursuit of human ergonomics to achieve the ultimate stress-free fitting and a high rigid feel.
Assist hunters in tackling the treasured mountain fish.


The GHBF48-3UL is a special model for shooting in headwaters accessed by stream climbing. With just a light shake, it bends supplely from tip to berry with the load of an ultra-light minnow, and realizes a pleasant machine gun cast with no shaft shake at the time of release. The HUNTSMAN's modern shaft gives you the feeling of being an extension of your arm at all times, making it a comfortable shooter that instantly unleashes lures from all positions and angles. It is worth mentioning that the long-distance castability overturns the conventional concept of short rods. Even from a standing position where it is difficult to secure a foothold, such as from a quay wall where back space cannot be obtained, or from a gap in a bush, he can freely make a long cast with a compact swing, developing an aggressive source game. The butt section, which has a high rigidity that is hard to imagine from the slender blank, brings directability to the twitch, and the belly section, which increases the tension as it bends, accurately hooks the instantaneous bite of the fish. It can cross the Shakugami class without hesitation from a high platform, and exhibits a powerful lifting power that exceeds the standard value of ultralight rods.


The GHBF53-3UL is a versatile model that plays a central role in the HUNTSMAN series. Designed with a power matrix with a higher range of support than the GHBF48-3UL. It covers stronger water volumes and increased fish sizes, and accommodates an increase in the size of the lure used. It gives heavy sinking minnows a high degree of control, and even lures with pull resistance can perform comfortable continuous twitches in strong currents. The directorability and light fit that provide a sense of extension of the arm realize active shooting with ganning with snapwork only on the wrist. The ergonomic specs that do not make you feel stressed by fishing repeatedly attacking the upstream show smooth long castability and utility that can control all lures at a high level. The strong butt section that produces high bending torque is not only a shakugami class, but also a strong pull of rock fish over 40 cm and native rainbows.


The GHBF60-4L is a long-distance model that covers not only the headwaters but also the main basin.
In the ganning style of rhythmic searching, intuitive operability is demonstrated without hesitation. It is a multi-playing shaft specialized for directorability. The longened high-specific gravity wood handle with the center of gravity at the rear end of the rod creates a nimble tip motion, enabling sharp twitchwork and comfortable long casts using only snapwork. When interacting with monster fish, it supports the angler with a fight style that allows the wrist to be locked at the end of the handle, and is finished with a unique rifle back form. The delicate fast-tip action is the result of the pursuit of precise lure control. The belly and butt section, which are designed with a unique variable matrix to produce high torque, deliver strong torque to finish off the rainbow in the 60cm class from a strong current. This is a power-playing model of the native trout game that has been tested repeatedly targeting large silver amago, large enoha, wild rainbow and brown, and sent out to the fullest.


This is a special game rod by Yuki Ito for fishing for wide amago raised in the main stream of Shinshu Kiso, also known as "Tanabira". In order to embody the knowledge and foresight of Ito, who has been fishing Kiso Tanabira for about 13 years, MPW (Mega Bus Performance Works) is tailor-made. We chose sandalwood, a rare tree, in search of "precise lure management," "continuous high-speed snap work," and "instantaneous bite sensitivity (hand sensitivity)" that develop within an appropriate distance from the lure for aiming at tanabira. In pursuit of a tip-down balance because it is mainly used for twitches, it is a special piece that dares to be machined with short dimensions and fused with a special blank set with mainstream specifications. Standing in the thick stream that nurtures Tanabira, it comfortably handles twitches with heavyweight heavy sinking minnows such as GH65 every day. It has a unique setup that specializes in instantaneous lightning-fast bite fishing that attracts fish from pinpoint angles, and landing the ultimate fish in the shortest possible time without being tossed around by strong currents. The torqueful shaft "Tanabira Special" contains a wide power range that allows you to challenge not only the headwaters but also any location with a variety of lures without hesitation.