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Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!

Megabass Valkyrie World Expedition Casting Rods

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Valkyrie multi-piece rods

Mobile monster hunters. This unique multi-piece expedition series features a shaft engineered with four layers of super lightweight, high sensitivity carbon and high elasticity glass fiber. The VALKYRIE’s unique resilience of glass distributes the load of heavyweight lures along the length of the rod, while the carbon material’s astonishing power supercharges casting distance and control. The synergy of these two materials creates an indominable shaft to launch magnum lures and handle powerful targets with ease. The glass material dynamically absorbs and adapts to the violent surges and head-shakes of monsters, greatly reducing the risk of lost bites. The blank’s ready power secures slim chance hook-ups and dominates target fish. This composite shaft will allow you to reach new destinations to decisively capitalize on rare opportunities and land the fish memories are made of.

Item  Length Action Lure capa Line capa Weight Blend %
VKC-58ML-4 5'8 " REGULAR MAX 30g MAX 20lb. PE 2.0 124g 85% carbon 15% glass
VKC-68M-4 6'8 " REGULAR MAX 35g MAX 25lb. PE 2.5 141g 85% carbon 15% glass
VKC-65MH-4 6'5 " MEDIUM FAST MAX 70g MAX 30lb. PE 5.0 154g 80% carbon 20% glass
VKC-78H-4 7'8 " MEDIUM FAST MAX 120g MAX 40lb. PE 6.0 198g 70% carbon 30% glass
VKC-711XH-4 7'11 " MEDIUM FAST MAX 150g MAX 50lb. PE 8.0 214g 70% carbon 30% glass
VKC-80XXH-4 8'0 " FAST MAX 180g MAX 50lb. PE 10 271g 70% carbon 30% glass
VKS-610ML-4 6'10 " MEDIUM FAST MAX 20g PE MAX 1.5 130g 85% carbon 15% glass
VKS-76M-4 7'6 " MEDIUM FAST MAX 40g PE MAX 2.0 183g 85% carbon 15% glass


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