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Megabass Craftsman Pride Series Rods

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2023 F7-76RDti White Python II Craftsman Pride


As the flagship iteration of Orochi Huge Contact, a rare masterpiece that has opened up the era of power games and fought at the cutting edge is a limited reprint.
At that time, White Python was co-made using Evolgio's technology from Ito Engineering and special destroyer engineering of F6 or higher from Megabass Factory.
While paving the way as the vanguard of the high-power game rod that develops ahead of today's big bait game, it is also very active as a frog game rod with a mat cover in the Shikoku and Kyushu areas. It created many white python fans. In the U.S. market, it is very popular, such as being held by multiple professional guides who develop swim baits, glide baits and mag cranking.
In this way, a number of white python owners adapted to each big bass method and achieved great results, which became the foundation for building the specs of today's big game rods.
The divine high specification that blows off the big lure and enables a transcendent power hook set is a product backed by the unique rod craft technology at that time that is still unparalleled. Not only powerful, but also delicate controllerability, eating without playing short bytes, and surely bringing monsters to landing without disassembling with a rough fight that works for tame, etc. This is still the only monster hunting stick that you can challenge while hiding it inside.
This is the last chance to touch the essence of the founder of the high-power game.


7′6′′3/8~4oz. Line 12-30Lb.


2023 F4st-69RSDti Hedgehog Evoluzion Craftsman Pride 

Rain force composite of rare metal carbon blanks made by Megabus that demonstrate low elasticity and high sensitivity characteristics with micro titanium fiber that demonstrates high elasticity and excellent threading rigidity with a double helix structure. At that time, the world's first shaft that fused metal with different characteristics was Hedgehog Evolution's special blanks.
"Craftsman Pride" restores the positive elements at that time using the latest manufacturing scheme by the Megbass Factory.
Regarding performance, we have implemented a "high-spec update" that has greatly enhanced the adjustability to the modern field.
It is produced only with a reel foot mount with ISFH (PAT.P) structure reproduced by high precision and 3D cutting technology and a composite manufacturing method of the latest micro titanium fiber and rare metal welded carbon fiber. Join the pecial blanks.
GRACOMPOTM FRAME SYSTEM (PAT.) TO COMBINE THEM INCOMPASSING The "direct operation feel" and excellent "hand sensitivity" brought by .... It has the essential potential in modern deep shooting.
While having a sharp and flexible soft tip, it demonstrates ultra-high torque that far surpasses the bat power of the finesse spinning rod in the high load range. It is realized with excellent rod balance, and a light and direct operation feel is realized.
While "pre-tick" that has an advantage in eating fishing, the rod action is variable to "medium fast taper" that demonstrates long distance castability when casting. " The excellent follow-up of the shaft against the load of "Hedgehog Evolution" has resulted in a comfortable cast feel that allows you to easily and long cast the no-sinker worm.
The power of the barissarity and the hidden masterpiece that covers a wide range from ultra-light rigs to shad plugs are the specifications that are eager for in the modern field. It is a titanium combo jite shaft that can be used for boat sea bass games in the Bay Area.

ULTRA EX-FAST (Stinger Tip)

6′9′′1/16~3/8oz. Line 4-12Lb.

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