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Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!

Damiki Armor Shad Paddle Tail

by Damiki
Original price $5.99 - Original price $6.99
Original price
$5.99 - $6.99
Current price $5.99

Soft Swimbait with Slim Profile and Wide Tail Action

Armor Shad Paddle Tail 4″ Swimbait offers an enticing shad imitation that triggers big bites.
Its thicker and wider ribbed body provides a natural profile that fish find irresistible.

Featuring a boot style paddle tail which is in opposite direction of the 3″ version, it produces a wider kicking action.
Low center of gravity enables its stable swimming and rolling action.

The Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait can be used on a wide range of applications, including a Damiki Rig Jig Head, umbrella rigs, and even a drop shot.

The Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait is also crafted from soft yet durable plastic that provides a lifelike feel that makes fish hold on longer.

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