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Thanks to NRX technology, this magnum-power jig and worm casting rod could be our best ever. It's a fast-action, power-oriented casting and pitching stick designed specifically for fishing big bass in heavy cover. If you're familiar with our GLX rods and their legendary light weight and sensitivity, this rod will shock you. NRX makes it so much more light and sensitive, you'll find yourself setting the hook before the bass can even think about heading back into the brush. It’s sneaky powerful and magically quick for such a powerful rod. It will keep you one step ahead of the bass. They'll be heading for the net before they know what hit them. Our 803 jig and worm casting rods are recognized for their all-around ‘magnum taper’ actions, and this may well be the best we've ever made. With a unique blend of power and light weight for fishing medium-sized jigs and soft plastics - especially in medium depths of 15’ or less - the extra-fast tip gives you accurate, low trajectory casts with plenty of power for pulling big fish away from heavy cover. It’s sneaky powerful, insanely light and so incredibly sensitive you can almost feel a fish looking at your lure. NRX 803C JWR 6'8" 12-16 lb line 3/16-5/8 lures Med-Heavy power Ex-Fast action

  • Model: NRX 803C JWR demo
  • Manufactured by: G Loomis

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