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Molix Venator Double Willow - Neon Charmer - 1/2 oz


The Molix Venator is built with a double density stainless steel wire with a thin flexible upper arm, resulting in stronger blade vibrations. The Venator’s flat head also offers precision balance during any retrieve, and each fine-cut skirt is hand tied, providing a more natural profile. Available in several colors, the Molix Sligone is used by their US pro staffers, Bassmaster Elite Series veterans, Michael Iaconelli and Randy Howell.

Check out what Michael "Ike" Iaconelli has to say about his signature colors:

Neon Charmer - "This loud color spinnerbaits has been one of my favorite colors for many years! It has several applications. Great for smallmouth or spotted bass, the bright Chartreuse blades act as an aggravator to trigger impulse strikes - especially when retrieved very fast! The skirt color and flat mat finish head, make it a perfect match for many perch and panfish forage species that have a lot of Chartreuse and pale orange coloration. Finally, like Mud Vein, it's also an amazing dirty water color that helps bass track down the bait."

  • Model: Molix DV 1/2 oz. Neon Charmer
  • Manufactured by: Molix

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