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Deps 8" Sakamata Shad Heavy Weight (Reservoir Shad)


The soft bait with the darting and jumping action. The keels on both sides of the body give it a natural baitfish action while appealing to the predatory instincts of bass.

It can be fished weightless to imitate baitfish trying to escape near the surface and jumping out of the water. It can also be fished on the bottom with a split-shot or Carolina-Rigs and the bait will dart near the bottom like a fish looking to hide.

The performance and versatility of the Sakamata Shad makes it easy to catch fish in a variety of situations.

8 inch (4 pack)

  • NORMAL material: SALT 5% (36.5g)
  • HEAVY WEIGHT material: SALT 65% (41.0g)

  • Model: Deps SKMT8H-129
  • Manufactured by: Deps

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