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Water Wood Triple Trap - Fire Ball SMS


Designed to be fished in and over the heaviest cover, the square lip design and angle on the WW Triple Trap produces a unique vibration and amazing deflection action.

The low profile, elongated, triangular, fast floating body on the TT aloud you to burn the bait or slow roll it through the structure and make this bait a “serial killer” when the fish are tight to the cover.


Tournament ready and built to win the Water Wood Triple Trap is “weaponized” with number #2 trebles, so “big mamma has plenty of space to securely accommodated her mean jaws on the hooks”.


The Satin Matte Finish makes the bait “more discreet and natural” ideal for when fishing in lower temperature waters or under heavy fishing pressure (when Big Mamma metabolism is lower or she’s in a bad mood).


WW TT Specifications:


Built out of Marupá Pedra wood from the Amazon Rainforest.


Depth range 4 ft / 12Lbs / Fluorocarbon.


Weight 0.45 oz.


Length 2.65".


Lip made of CB G10.


304 Stainless steel wire.


Premium Treble Hooks and Split Rings.

  • Model: WW Triple Trap SMS Fire Ball
  • Manufactured by: Water Wood Lures

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