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Spike-It Blade Dip - Chartreuse 4 oz.



Take your lure customization to the next level with Spike It Blade Dip. A lacquer-based dip made from transparent dye, it allows anglers to dye blades, hooks, plugs, and spinnerbaits, giving them a fresh, new look. It also has a glass-clear sheen to it that will enhance not hide the original finish of whatever your dyeing.  The White Spike It Blade Dip, which has a slightly opaque finish, is the only exception. 

Ideal for changing up your lure to “match the hatch,” Spike It Blade Dip is also perfect for camouflaging hooks and terminal pieces to achieve a more natural presentation.  Available in a range of colors and featuring a wide mouth bottle to make dipping easy, Spike It Blade Dip gives anglers the ability to adjust to changing conditions in seconds.

4oz Bottles

  • Model: SP21001
  • Manufactured by: Spike-It

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