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T-H Marine Rod Tamer Rod Straps (12")

The T-H Marine Rod Tamer Deck Mount Rod Straps are perfect for keeping your rods secure on your casting deck. Simple and easy to use, they won’t slow you down when you need to pick up and run from spot to spot.

Molded from black polyurethane material, they retain their stretch and are unaffected by sunlight and most chemicals. Unlike the old hook-and-loop straps, they won’t get hung up on your hooks or lose their hold when wet either. They also won’t lose their color and fade in the sunlight.

Simply stretch the strap over your rods and hook it into the loop mounted on the deck. It’s as easy as that. Easy to install as well, the T-H Marine Rod Tamer Deck Mount Rod Straps are a clean and simple solution for keeping your rods organized and secure on your casting deck.

14-inch model - holds up to 4 rods
(overall length: 14"/cord length: 11")

18-inch model - holds up to 7 rods
(overall length: 18"/cord length: 15")

  • Model: THRT14DP
  • Manufactured by: T-H Marine

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