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Hog Head, used, kinda nasty


Here we have a used, kinda nasty hog head... it's tongue falls out if you try to move it around too much.  It's missing some hair and a little bit falls out if you wrestle around with it much.  There's a good bit of dust and dirt all over it, so you might want to take an industrial vac to it, but that might suck off the rest of the hair, who knows - just don't suck up the loose tongue if you do.  The beady little eye balls feel like they're in there pretty solid, but no guarantees on that.  It looks like when it was alive, it got in a few fights because there are some tears on it's ears too, so don't expect it to have crisp sharp edges or anything.  Overall, this nasty old hog head would make a great addition to any family room, dining room, or anywhere generally that you'd like to showcase a fine piece of taxidermy craftsmanship from 30 or 40 years back...

  • Model: Hog Head

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