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Deps Cover Scat 2.5" (Baby Cherry Blossom)

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Developed as an “anti-cover” strategy, Cover Scat is a bait built to be fished without a weight. The bulky body and ultra-hiigh specific gravity give it a unique action, despite the small size. The fins on both sides of the body eliminate any unneccessary parts and allow it to go into and through any type of cover without snagging.

The shape of the bait has more volume at the rear of the body and looks like a crawfish. The unique, ultra-high specific gravity material has a 40% salt content to allow for long casts and stability.

The falling action when fished weightless is unique as the bait descends with a horizontal fall, even when fished along vertical structure like overhanging trees dams, or bushes on the shoreline. In addition, the underwater “walk-the-dog” action can be done to fish it faster and imitate a scurrying crayfish.

  • 2.5inch (8 / pack) – Recommended hook: Offset hook # 1/0 or # 2/02
  • Model: 25CS45
  • Manufactured by: Deps
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