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Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner - 5/0 1/4oz

The Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner Swimbait Hook makes your favorite swimbaits and other soft plastics even more effective by adding flash and vibration to attract fish from even greater distances.  The hook utilizes an innovative Double Down Spring Lock Bait Screw featuring two retaining wires, wound in parallel that provide considerably more holding power. This upgraded rigging system extends the life of your soft plastics, allows anglers to rip baits through dense cover, and keeps your plastic firmly in place so they run true every cast.

Constructed from a 2x-strong, forged carbon steel hook that is designed to hold up the biggest predators and hardest of hook-sets, the Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner Swimbait Hook, combines a 28-degree hook eye, premium spring lock, and an extra wide gap gives you plenty of room to set the hook. Fitted with a hammered willow blade, the Gamakatsu Spring Lock Spinner Swimbait Hook helps you get the most action out of your swimbaits and forces the most unwilling predators to bite.

  • Model: Gamakatsu 404415-1/4
  • Manufactured by: Gamakatsu

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