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Gan Craft Jointed Claw 230 Nakahira Ayu Floating

Since the release, this lure has given big memories of big Bass to many fishermen with the origin of S-swimmin lure JOINTED CLAW 178. Giving the overwhelming existence to JOINTED CLAW 178 the Magnum was born. With a body size of more than 20 cm this weapon of bass destruction is designed with targeting monster bass by using huge visual power. Despite the magnum class of body, this lure has no swing and is very effective on enticing monster Bass with its S-swimming action.

Length Weight Price
230mm 4oz class(Slow Sinking Type&Floating Type)  

Standard hook Cultiva ST-36BC front:#1/0 rear:#1


JOINTED CLAW 230 MAGNUM has a wide and slow S-swimming action same as JOINTED CLAW 178 and it is used as a soft bait although the body size is amagnum class. Various techniques such as twitch & jerk and bottom stay can be applied also. 

The most basic approach of using this lure is STRAIGHT RETRIEVE. The wide S-swimming and the width changes of S-swimming by the retrieve speed give the bass to bite the lure.

The lure acts like escaping bait fish irregularly by jerk with the rod action during the slow retrieve and leads the bite of the bass tracking the lure. Also, STOP & GO repeatedly at retrieve with the normal speed is effective.


Keeping the lure stay at the bottom and putting the jerk when it attracts the bass lead the bite of the bass.

  • Model: Jointed Claw 230F Nakahira Ayu
  • Manufactured by: Gan Craft

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