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Madness Japan Balam 300 Floating River Ayu


The Madness Balam 300 is a very life-like bait that maintains presentation during ultra fast retrieval as well during slow retrieval and dead sticking. The 3 treble hooks ensure hits from any attack angle. The lure is made from ABS plastic with a silicone tail. 4 joints provide excellent swim action to entice your target catch.

  • The Silicon Tail can easily be changed as it’s equipped with two side pins.
  • 60LB Split Rings should be used instead of tying direct.
  • Shimada prefers to use egg snaps as he says the lure is not restricted and it avoids the possibility of the line getting caught in the split rings.

Much of Optimum Baits’ success in Japan is due in large part because of “Satan Shimada.” One of Madness Japan’s lure designers he is known throughout Japan as being one of the best “MONSTER BASS HUNTERS”… and there is a good reason for that.

On April 22nd 2003, at Lake Ikehara in Nara Japan, Satan broke the Japanese largemouth bass record. This monster was caught on an Optimum Heavy Cover Double Spin and tipped the scales at 19.2lbs!

Satan is one of the most influential swim bait anglers in Japan and continues to develop some of the best known swimbaits in Japan. 

BALAM 300 Specifications:
Size 300mm (12 Inches)
Floating: Weight 182g (6.5oz)
Hook: Decoy 1/0
Material: ABS Plastic
Tail: Silicon

  • Model: Balam 300 River Ayu Floating
  • Manufactured by: Madness Japan

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