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Megabass P5 F3.5-70X Z-Crank Elseil



F3.1/2-70XThe F3.1/2-70X Z-CRANK ELSEIL is an achievement in purpose-built cranking, arising from Yuki Ito’s dual-expertise as a lure and rod designer. Applying the insight gained most recently from the SUPER-Z, Ito set out to trim the fat from conventional cranking sticks, delivering a blank that gives with supple smoothness, yet exhibits quick recovery and the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class. This drives longer casts, confident control, and the ability to “pop” lures free of grass—all without sacrificing the effortless “give” requiredto capture cranking bites. The Z-CRANK ELSEIL excels with fast-moving lures such as the SUPER-Z, VIBRATION-X DYNA, SMATRA, S-CRANK 1.2 and VISION ONETEN Jr. The new lightweight, fast-moving special F3.1/2-70X demonstrates the kind of performance only possible when rods are developed by the same designers as the lures for which they are intended.

Length: 7'

Lures: 1/4 - 3/4 oz.

Line: 8 - 16 lb.

Action:  Regular

  • Model: Megabass P5 Z-Crank Elseil
  • Manufactured by: Megabass

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