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Megabass F3-611LVS Whipsnake



Completely redesigned for 2021, the LEVANTE features material, blank, and component upgrades to deliver a new standard of lightweight, balanced power. 12 models cover the needs of discerning anglers, showcasing Megabass’ commitment to application - specific design and Development. Incorporating minor refinements to taper, balance point, guide positioning and ergonomics, the LEVANTE evolved through countless hours of testing and invaluable dialogue between customers, pro staff, and the Megabass product team. The result is a more - perfect integration of angler and equipment, allowing for intuitive rod work, sure hooksets, and that all - important, confidence inspiring “feel”. Featuring upgraded blank material, construction, and Micro Pitch Taping, each LEVANTE is now lighter, more sensitive, and incredibly responsive. Lighter blanks allow for a refinement in balance points, bringing each model closer to the ideal for its intended application. Finished with Fuji® Stainless Steel Alconite guides, custom metal accents, Megabass original reel seat, hook keeper, and a premium color - shifting finish, the LEVANTE is sure to delight old and new Megabass enthusiasts alike.

F3-611LVS Whipsnake
Length: 6'11"
Taper: Extra Fast
Power: Light
Lure: 1/16-3/8oz
Line: 5-12lb
Application: Drop Shot / Neko Rig

Designed for finesse presentations like dropshots and neko rigs, the WHIPSNAKE has the sensitivity to feel subtle changes at the end of your line, refined control to impart delicate action, and whip-quick power to unleash decisive hooksets. Extra-fast taper allows for a sensitive tip section that transitions load with silky speed, shifting the weight of the fight into the mid and butt section of the blank to maintain control. Silky-smooth load transfer along WHIPSNAKE’s length maximizes the performance of light line, virtually eliminating the line breakage so often associated with unrefined tapers.  


  • Model: Megabass 2021 Levante F3-611LVS
  • Manufactured by: Megabass
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