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Hammer Rods

Hammer Fishing Rods was established in 1996 by Carl Edward Graham which was an avid angler in the mid-south area. Carl designed both a standard guide series rod along with the fusion series rod which are both still popular today. He also took pride in having an American Made rod and displayed that proudly during his ownership. In earlier 2012, Carl made the decision to retire and it was then that Hammer Rods was bought by myself and wife Sandie. Although I had fished since a child and competed in many area tournaments throughout the years, it wasn't until my son expressed a strong interest in the sport that I started to take a more serious look into the possibilities of making a career choice in the industry. Because of Ty's talent and the love we both share for bass fishing, I knew immediately that it was a direction I wanted to pursue when approached by Mr Graham. We have an excellent product to offer the fishing industry and I'm striving to build a business that I can proudly turn over to Ty on down the road. In recent years, Mr Graham had slacked off on the marketing of his rods mainly due to age and the idea of upcoming retirement. Hammer Rods had a strong presence in the mid south area but not much further out than that. I'm working to expand this into a larger market and also build the line of rods we offer. Since purchasing the company in February 2012, I have introduced the micro guide series which has instantly become a popular rod and great seller. We are gradually increasing our dealer base and have several excellent regional pro staff members to promote our product. We are on both facebook & twitter and also have a website Just as Carl, I'm proud to have an American Made product to offer. Our rods have a limited lifetime warranty which is very well liked by the angler and displays the confidence that I have in each Hammer Fishing Rod offered to my fellow angler.
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