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Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Welcome to the new Tackle Trap!
Tackle Trap Reel Repair

Tackle Trap Reel Repair

Tackle Trap Reel Repair is an authorized Daiwa Executive Service and Warranty Center.  Daiwa Executive Service and Warranty reels are our top priority.  Please follow the instructions below when sending in Daiwa Executive Service or Warranty reels.  Due to intense demand and limited available time of our highly skilled reel specialist, please do not send in any reels without authorization.  Contact Bryan Lambert directly at for inquiries.  

Step 1:  Email in advance of sending your reels.  You will be contacted with additional information.  

Step 2:  Please fill out the pdf document found below and mail in with your reels. 


Step 3: Ship your reels to:


2100 Cottingham Drive

Montgomery, AL 36106

If you are sending in a reel for DAIWA WARRANTY or DAIWA EXECUTIVE SERVICE, you must include the following:

Your name, physical and email address, and phone number.  You must include proof of purchase which must include the date of purchase for verification purposes.  Please include a full description of the issue you are having as well.

"WARRANTY REPAIR" or "EXECUTIVE SERVICE" needs to be stated under "Tackle Trap Reel Repair" on your shipping label.

PLEASE NOTE!!  Parts are becoming increasingly difficult to source from many popular manufacturers. If you have a reel that is in need of parts, please email us with your model number and part(s) needed so we can check availability before you send it in.


The Tackle Trap offers everything from a simple clean and lubricate, to full super tuning, custom work, and aftermarket parts installation. Our primary goal is to keep your reels operating at peak performance.  We have the knowledge, parts, facilities, and the skill to accomplish this goal.

Our thorough cleaning process consists of a complete breakdown all the way to the frame, an inspection for any damaged or worn parts, a hand scrub of the frame, side plates, and gears before a trip through an ultra sonic cleaner. Once thoroughly clean, we reassemble your reels with only the finest lubricants. The bearings are flushed in acetone to ensure cleanliness and complete debris removal, and the drag washers are scrubbed to provide you with a smooth, strong drag.

We’re often asked about “Super Tuning.”  Super tuning a reel is essentially refining the mechanics of the reel. There are 3 key aspects in which a reel will benefit from a proper super tuning process. 

1: Casting - a thorough flush of the spool bearings and proper lubrication with only the highest grade bearing oils, along with a mirror polish of the spool tips and brake ring where applicable, will aid in smooth and efficient casting with exceptional control. 

2: Drag - a thorough flush of the drag washers removes any unwanted contaminants. Once clean, the drag stack is reassembled and "run in" to ensure smooth operation, and efficient stopping power. 

3: Clutch/Retrieve - a reel that is rough, vibrates, or catches on the retrieve doesn’t enhance any fishing experience.  A polish of the clutch mechanism, proper cleaning of support bearings, and replacing bushings with bearings where applicable are critical components to make the reel as smooth as possible.  We all like our reels smooth and a super tune will make it happen!


Clean and Lube Bait Cast - $30

Clean and Lube Spinning - $35

Clean and Lube Salt Water/Line Counter - $40+ (Depending on size)

Supertune - $50

Repairs - Same as cleaning plus parts

Bearing Flush and Re-Lube - $10

Install Bearings - $5 

Drag Flush and Run In - $10

Drag Washer Install - $5

MagSeal Reels - $5 extra (covers the added time of working with magsealed bearings)

Call us with any questions about our service or rates at 334 301-3630 during business hours only please.


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