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Hedgehog Studio AIR Bearing Set 3x10x4 & 3x10x4


"Kattobi" Tuning kit is special bearing for bait casting reels. It is a 2-pack set. Bearing size : 1030AIR x 2 (3mm x 10mm x 4mm) With English instructions, even the beginner can easily replace bearings. Please enjoy the upgrade of your reel!! To replace spool bearings, you need a "HEDGEHOG STUDIO Spool Bearing Pin Remover". This is super-high rotation bearing working well for "finesse fishing" with a bait casting reel, which manages some lure weight between about 1g to 28g (1/28oz to 1oz). By the adoption of a small-diameter ceramic ball and high-strength molding housing, you can cast lures of the MAX 1oz class, not to mention what is most suitable for finesse fishing with baitcast reel. The bearing is NOT a tender design for exclusive use to finesse fishing with baitcast reel. Having a rotary response by casting an ultra lightweight lure, you can taste the same sense as the use of normal bearing. Once you try the "AIR" and cast it, you can feel the difference. Please experiance the ultimate rotation performance of "AIR bearing". * "AIR Bearing" is Designed & Trademark patent of HEDGEHOG STUDIO Co.,Ltd. 〜 Japan Model 〜 12 ANTARES & ANTARES HG 06 ANTARES AR/DC/DC7 12 EXSENCE DC 12 CALCUTTA 100/101/200/201 11 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 50DC51DC 03,04,09,10 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100DC〜250DC 00,01 CALCUTTA CONQUEST 100/101/200/201/300 05 CALCUTTA 100/101/200/201/400 CALCUTTA XT 100/101/200/201 09 CARDIFF 50SDC/51SDC 09 ALDEBARAN Mg/Mg7 10 Scorpion XT 1000/1001 09 Scorpion XT 1500/1501/1500-7/1501-7 03 Scorpion Quickfire 04 ScorpionMg 1000/1001 00 Scorpion1000/1001 Scorpion Metanium Mg 07,08Metanium Mg/DC/DC7 05 MetaniumXT 97 MetaniumXT 92 MetaniumXT 06 SPEEDMASTER 200/201 Quickfire White 02 AXIS Ver.2/100/101/400F/401F 00 AXIS 100/101 10 Amenista 〜 EUROPA & USA Model 〜 CHRONARCH CI4+ CH150CI4/CH150CI4HG CH151CI4/CH151CI4HG CALAIS DC CL200DC/CL201DC CORE 50Mg/51Mg/50Mg7/51Mg7 CORE 100Mg/101Mg/100Mg7/101Mg7 100MgFV CHRONARCH CH200E7/CH201E7/CH200E6/CH201E6 CH200E5/CH201E5/CH50E/CH51E CURADO CU200G7/CU201G7 CU200G6/CU201G6/CU200G5 CITICA CI200G7/CI200G6/CI201G6/CI200G5 CAENAN CAE100/CAE101 CAIUS CIS200/CIS201

  • Model: HHS AIR SET 3x10x4 (2)
  • Manufactured by: Hedgehog Studio

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