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Robo Worm 4" FX Sculpin (Natural Shad)


The Roboworm FX Sculpin is an incredibly life-like looking bait with a molded in head and dorsal fin, a 3D tail that moves with any current or twitch of the rod, and the fantastic FX colors that have not been duplicated anywhere. With the FX Special Effects colors, Roboworm has taken natural, fish catching colors and patterns to the next level. You get the rich, clear, distinct layers of colors Robo is famous for and a new process that creates dots, dashes, and stripes along the inside of the lure body. These striations are not only very natural and life-like but since they are inside the bait, you get a unique 3D effect that attracts fish and gives even wary bass confidence to eat. Available in 4" and 6" sizes and a large variety of colors there is an FX Sculpin that will catch fish in your lake, wherever you are in the world.



Length Quantity
4" 8

  • Model: ROSN133Z
  • Manufactured by: Robo Worm

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