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Stanford Baits The Missing Link

Blurring the line between swim jig and spinnerbait, the Stanford Baits Missing Link Jig delivers a one-of-a-kind bladed swim jig design that enhances attraction and bolsters performance around cover. Featuring a patent-pending flexible weedguard wire attached directly to its head, the wire placement gives it more of a bladed swim jig action rather than that of a spinnerbait, while also helping to minimize snags. Featuring a super-bright Oklahoma blade for a deadly blend of flash and thump, its unique hull-shaped head also helps Stanford Baits Missing Link Jig maintain an upright positioning whether it is flipped, slow-rolled, or burned. For added realism, the Stanford Baits Missing Link Jig comes equipped with a premium-grade skirting and 3-D eyes as well. Backed by a super-sharp 5/0 VMC flipping hook, the Stanford Baits Missing Link Jig provides a hybrid design that works like a jig, has the flash of a spinnerbait, and is virtually impossible to hang-up.
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